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Stay ahead of the game with outstanding product development

Digital is not a step in your development, it’s a mindset that forces you to move from project mode to product mode. Learn more by downloading our free white paper or by listening to our online conference.

Meet Juan Señor, media innovation expert

For Juan Señor, “every successful paywall strategy begins and ends in the newsroom.” Check out our two-part interview with a must-read expert.

Best practices of German media, during and after the Covid-19 crisis

Discover how Germany’s leading digital media companies are deploying their strategies and developing their revenues. On the programme: Zeit Online, Funke Media Group, WELTplus, Media Pioneer, German Newspaper Association, Business Insider Deutschland, Rheinische Post Mediangruppe, Stuttgarter Zeitung.

How Silicon Valley is Transforming News Business

Join our debate between three global champions and experts in media innovation to discuss experimentation, innovation and risk, and how media can learn from the tech giants and start-ups of Silicon Valley.

What our clients say about New World Encounters

“NWE session on lessons news publishers could learn from Silicon Valley was an insightful conversation with people who are clearly in the know, and a wonderful chance to get involved with the most experienced and brightest minds in our sector.”

Dmitry Shishkin
Independent Digital Consultant

“NWE delivers a unique and insightful view on today’s news business by gathering leading media scholars, top innovators in journalism and highly experienced media executives. The result is really impressive and knowledgeable.”

Denis Teyssou
Medialab R&D Editorial manager, AFP

“Exciting meeting with DIE ZEIT organised by New World Encounters as part of its Virtual Tour Digital Revenues. Interesting feedback from Die Zeit on the engagement and retention of digital subscribers. A programme of very stimulating meetings between colleagues.”

Arnaud Broustet
Managing Director and General Manager at Quotidien La Croix, Bayard Group

“Very interesting debate around social networks, confirming the need for news media to use these platforms mainly to redirect to their own websites; and to deploy a proactive policy of offline presence.”

Sébastien Hersant
Director of Digital Transformation, ESH Médias

“Perfectly prepared interventions by our German colleagues from Funke Media Group and very concrete take aways to feed our digital projects!”

Bruno Pachent
Executive Director Médias Sud Europe / CEO La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées / CEO Le Petit Bleu

“Really impressive New World Encounters session by Christian Roepke of ZEIT ONLINE. Combination of a clear, simple overall proposition, coupled with extraordinary precision in the detail of execution is an example to all media businesses. Thanks to David Sallinen and team for organising.”

Duncan Hooper
Head of digital, CGTN Europe