Digital Revenue Virtual Tour 2020

Best Practices in Germany, during and after Corona

Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart | September/October 2020

The Corona pandemic was an accelerator for innovation. Newspapers reacted quickly to it. Editorial innovations have been initiated. As a result of the new news offerings there was an impressive boost in subscriptions and online reach, with newspapers trying to become indispensable in people’s everyday lives through newsletters, blogs, new products.

At New World Encounters, the Think Tank of Upgrade Media, we wanted to better understand how the best publishers took advantage of these times. Therefore, we took media managers on a «Virtual Tour about Digital Revenues» through German media houses like Funke, Zeit, Axel Springer who shared their digital revenue stories with us.

Programme Digital Revenue Tour

Virtual Tour Day 1 | Hamburg


Digital Subscription in the Pandemic Age

Christian Röpke, CDO
Sascha Bossen, Product Management Paid Content

Virtual Tour Day 2 | Hamburg

Funke, Hamburger Abendblatt

The Spectacular Growth and Digital Acceleration Story

Dr. Ruth Betz, Head of Digital Transformation
Berndt Röttger, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Virtual Tour Day 3 | Berlin

Media Pioneer & Axel Springer, Welt

Content Performance & Monetising Quality Journalism

Max Franke, COO, Media Pioneer
Arnd Stessun, Head of Product Management WELT+

Virtual Tour Day 4 | Berlin

Business Insider, BDZV

Programmatic Advertising and Business Partnerships

Romanus Otte, Chief Editor and MD, Business Insider Deutschland
Holger Kansky, Head of Digital, BDZV

Virtual Tour Day 5 | Düsseldorf

Rheinische Post

Winning in the Innovation Game

Dr. Daniel Daum, CDO, RP Mediengruppe
Moritz Döbler, Editor in Chief, Rheinische Post

Virtual Tour Day 6 | Stuttgart

Stuttgarter Zeitung

How to Reach 50,000 Newsletter Subscribers & Digital Transformation in 6 Months

André Kittelberger, Head of Paid Content
Björn Friebe, Produktmanager Digital

The Speakers on the Digital Revenue Tour

Christian Röpke

Chief Digital Officer,

Sascha Bossen

Product Management Paid Content,

Ruth Betz

Head of Digital Transformation,
Funke Media Group

Berndt Röttger

Deputy Editor-in-Chief,
Hamburger Abendblatt,
Funke Media Group

Max Franke

Media Pioneer

Arndt Stessun

Head of Product Management,

Romanus Otte

Chief Editor and MD, Business Insider

Holger Kansky

Head of Digital,

Dr. Daniel Daum

RP Mediengruppe

Moritz Döbler

Editor in Chief,
Rheinische Post

André Kittelberger

Head of Paid Content,
Stuttgarter Zeitung

Björn Friebe

Digital Transformation Manager,
Stuttgarter Zeitung

What participants said about the Digital Revenue Virtual Tour 2020

“Really impressive New World Encounters session by Christian Roepke of ZEIT ONLINE. Combination of a clear, simple overall proposition, coupled with extraordinary precision in the detail of execution is an example to all media businesses. Thanks to David Sallinen and team for organising.”

Duncan Hooper
Head of digital, CGTN Europe

“Exciting meeting with DIE ZEIT organised by New World Encounters as part of its Virtual Tour Digital Revenues. Interesting feedback from Die Zeit on the engagement and retention of digital subscribers. A programme of very stimulating meetings between colleagues.”

Arnaud Broustet
Managing Director and General Manager at Quotidien La Croix, Bayard Group

“Perfectly prepared interventions by our German colleagues from Funke Media Group and very concrete take aways to feed our digital projects!”

Bruno Pachent
Executive Director Médias Sud Europe / CEO La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées / CEO Le Petit Bleu

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