Local news. 5 lessons to develop the engagement of your content

This strategic note provides all the keys to understanding in detail the study based on the analysis of 40,000 headlines in 8 local media in Lyon. This study is reserved for Upgrade Media’s partners.

Why do some media get more engagement than others on Facebook? The aim of this post is to identify the levers of success so that you can be inspired to do better!

Key points:

  • Engagement is measured by the number of likes, shares and comments received by a piece of content.
    The study covers 40,000 articles published by eight Lyon media outlets on Facebook:, BFM Lyon, Le Progrès, Lyon Capitale, Lyon Mag, Lyon People, Radio Scoop and Tribune de Lyon.
  • The media with the highest engagement peaks are Lyon People, BFM Lyon, Le Progrès and
  • Significant disparities are observed in terms of median engagement: 107 for versus 7 for BFM Lyon.
  •’s choice of content and formats are more effective than those of its competitors.
  • Promises” are a lever of engagement for, but not for Le Progrès.
  • This study analyses the 40,000 titles through 8 themes: “personnalités” (personaiities), “promesses” (promises), “mots forts” (strong words), “formats”, “guillotière”, “Darmanin”, “local”, “autre” (other). This note, reserved for our partners, details what these 8 themes are composed of.
  • Finally, this note explains in the form of 5 key lessons, how to develop engagement around your content.

This strategy note is reserved for Upgrade Media partners.

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