Video. Interview with David Sallinen, founder of Upgrade Media

David Sallinen, founder of Upgrade Media, was interviewed at the 2022 session of La Presse au Futur. Watch the video interview to learn more about our projects, our offerings and our unique approach.

Interview conducted by Broadcast-associates during La Presse au Futur 2022.

Upgrade Media est une société spécialisée dans l’accompagnement des éditeurs de presse et des entreprises communicantes dans leur transformation numérique. Nous proposons une gamme de services visant à améliorer les produits print et numériques de nos clients, ainsi que des formations et des voyages d’études pour aider leurs responsables et dirigeants à rester en avance sur les tendances du secteur.

Voici une liste détaillée des services proposés par Upgrade Media pour les éditeurs de presse :

  • Print and digital product improvement: we offer assistance in optimising content for digital and social media and creating new print formats, as well as developing new ideas and innovative approaches to content.
  • Training: we offer tailor-made training sessions to help media executives, managers and staff get to grips with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.
  • Study tours: we organise study tours to enable media professionals to discover new approaches and keep abreast of the latest innovations in the media world.
  • New World Encounters is a think tank dedicated to media thinking. It is a brand of Upgrade Media which organises conferences, workshops and seminars to encourage the exchange of ideas and perspectives between media professionals, and develops new approaches to solving the problems facing the media in a context of rapid change and constant technological disruption. Visit the website New World Encounters.

We are proud to be able to help newspaper publishers adapt and thrive in the digital age by offering them unique professional support. If you are a newspaper publisher looking for solutions to accelerate your digital transformation, please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

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