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Priority targets

Assigning objectives to your content

Conversion Funnel

Stand out to exist

Manage your Premium


Team VS Projects VS Content

Know your management style

Managing through performance

Managing digital and print content

Managing new generations of journalists


Demystifying fake news
Digital Storytelling

Mobile journalism (MOJO)

Data journalism

Social networks and distribution


Vision, DNA and Strategy

From vision to execution

Navigating in an uncertain world

Management in the digital age

The learning and innovative organization

digital power


Customer first

Formats VS Engagement

Mobile and Social-First

Multidisciplinary collaboration

information Products

Digital service

Product attributes

Product mode

Measuring performance

Introducing customer feedback

Upgrade Media Training Projects

Managing teams and content by providing meaning

Training press managers is a delicate task. Digital media requires the mastery of new formats, the increase in premium content and the increasingly complex management of teams. This is why our training course dedicated to media managers has been a great success because it provides the essentials: all the right rules to follow to manage and deliver meaning!

What our clients say

“From the design of premium content to its promotion: this is what we have been working on for three years now with Upgrade Media. It’s an exciting collaboration, built on the basis of rich exchanges. Upgrade Media’s great strength is, of course, its ability to move teams forward ‘step by step’, but above all it is its ability to adapt the height of the next step to the level of each individual. Together, we are taking a new step!”mble, nous franchissons un nouveau cap ! »

Samuel Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, Le Messager Group

“I want to underline the quality and sincerity of the exchanges between the trainer and my group. It had a remarkable human depth. Certainly, this kind of session is a cohesive factor.”


What will you be able to apply quickly? “Management methods that adapt to each employee and each situation. I’m also going to try to free up some time to step back and find the oxygen that allows you to be more lucid and creative in your management… even if it’s not always easy!”


What will you be able to implement quickly?  “Facilitating editorial meetings with a better breakdown of publications and greater precision in the angles. Managing each other’s characters too, through tools and tips taught.”


What will you be able to apply quickly? “Anticipation in the choice of subjects and especially formats. Better management of the home page and the pay-for-play strategy. It has given me valuable information on everything that concerns the tactics of information on the web.”


What will you be able to apply quickly? “To help my team evolve towards a real content strategy by anticipating better.”


What can you apply quickly? “All the keys to writing on the web in order to convert readers into subscribers.”


What will you be able to apply quickly? “The keys to better managing the team and improving the formats on the web.”


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