Managing teams and content by providing meaning

Training press managers is a delicate task. Digital media requires the mastery of new formats, the increase in premium content and the increasingly complex management of teams. This is why our training course dedicated to media managers has been a great success because it provides the essentials: all the right rules to follow to manage and deliver meaning!

We designed a three-part programme over 5 days to cover all the needs of the manager. Here is the result of our satisfaction survey conducted with 23 trainees:

Our bias? To organise the programme in 2 days + 2 days and 1 day, in order to integrate the feedback of the trainees.

The first two days are devoted to the management of journalists. They are based on four main points:

  • A reminder of the basic principles of management,
  • sharing personal experiences with the study of concrete cases to understand one’s own management style,
  • anticipation, particularly through the agenda,
  • and finally, methods for bringing out new subjects during the writing sessions.

The third and fourth days are dedicated to content management. 

  • How can we create content that satisfies the quest for an audience on the one hand and the conquest of digital subscribers on the other?
  • How do you create content that is more meaningful to the reader? How to allocate the right resources to the right subjects, while managing the web-first and web-to-print logics, or the management of the home of notifications, etc.

Finally, the fifth day is reserved for setting team and content management to music thanks to project mode management, because teams only commit if they understand the meaning of what is being asked of them.

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Also ask for our summary note which explains the benefits of this training programme.

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