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The Joy of Six – a roundup of the news you need to know… about news – E1

We know you’re busy. You’ve got your head down trying to work on new offerings to seduce new readerships to your media and convince existing customers that you represent value worth paying for. So you haven’t always got time to look around at what’s happening in your own industry. Which is why we do it for you.  Here’s the latest.

1. Newspapers Have Been Struggling And Then Came The Pandemic

That’s the verdict from Forbes magazine as it looks at the impact of Covid 19 on the newspaper business. While the facts and figures about loss of income during the pandemic are grim it also provides a powerful argument, if any further were needed, of the need to adapt and evolve to survive. 

2. “A period of absolute irrationality”

The findings of the IFEX survey of freedom of expression in the Americas make for sobering reading for the freedom of expression in the Americas ranging from old fashioned book banning to digital violence against women journalists.

3. Editorial Burnout

Feeling the strain? You’re not alone. NWE is all about shaping new editorial products, managing their development and responding to the challenges of our industry but on the way we also feel the relentless pressure to keep evolving.  Editor and Publisher looks at newsroom burnout and asks if we need to rethink the way we work.

4. Five Tools Every Journalist Should Try

If the lockdown has made it harder than ever to run a newsroom it has a least spurred many in media to try new online tools to reach out and maintain contact. looks at tools for today’s journalist, particularly those confined to home work by Covid. Try these five for size.  

5. 180 Australian titles join Google News Showcase

The argument has moved on about whether search is a force for good or evil when it comes to news publishing and increasingly local papers are looking for ways to monetize their online presence in order to fund new developments (and sheer survival, naturally). 

Country Press Australia, which represents some 180 local papers, has signed up for Google News Showcase in which the search giant pays publishers to “curate content and build deeper relationships with readers.” 

6. Satellite Data For Journalists

It’s not just for spies. Satellite data has a part to play for many newsrooms.  Are you missing out on heaven sent information? Tips on using satellite data for journalists including useful pointers on common mistakes to make in this helpful piece from the Online Journalism Blog.

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