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Testimonials. What do our participants say NWE Product Development Series on 2nd November 2021 !

Our opening event on November 2nd dedicated to product development was very appreciated by the participants coming from France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, etc. Here is a first selection of their valuable opinions. Thanks to all of them!

When the participants say it, it’s better! If you want to see our exceptional conference, ask us for the access codes.

đź’ť “Conferences provide an invaluable set of opportunities for professional development”

Ioana Blaut, Director of Business Development and Sales at Ringier Axel Springer Media, MBA

đź’“ “This was an excellent session with first class experts”

Nathalie Labourette, Head EBU ACADEMY

“I attended yesterday the session on “Outstanding Product Development” . This was an excellent session with first class experts from the media industry, all well prepared with focused presentations. The lineup of speakers made the session inspiring and rich, they were complementary to each other, thus covering a good range of topics, providing good tips in their own field.”

đź’– “I particularly appreciated”

Frédéric Touraille, Directeur Général Délégué de La Dépêche du Midi

“I particularly appreciated Julia Shalet’s presentation on the obstacles to innovation. We can see ourselves in the concrete cases that she evokes and this encourages us to adopt a positive attitude towards the new projects that are proposed to us. Max Franke’s presentation on Axel Springer’s audio strategy was interesting: “The market is very competitive and revenues are still low… but we have to go now”.

đź’— “Great initiative and impeccable organization!”

FrĂ©dĂ©ric Gargaud, directeur du digital L’HumanitĂ©

“This STAYING AHEAD OF THE GAME WITH OUTSTANDING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT is a great initiative! I found a lot of good reference media practices in it. Thank you Julia Shalet, Kara Chiles and Max Franke for sharing your experience. Kudos for the impeccable organization of this event.”

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