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Study tours are an indispensable way to grow your executives and boost your projects

After two years of pandemic, we are very happy to resume the organisation of our study tours which are so useful to help leaders, managers and project managers discover other ways of doing things. In May 2022, NWE will organise a unique study tour to Germany, entitled “Best of Local”, dedicated to digital subscription, data and products.

It is in our DNA at New World Encounters: the professional exchange across borders and industries about innovation and transformation. While there is no standard answer for innovation and transformation, we are convinced that an open exchange with colleagues who have previously followed the same path will be inspiring and ultimately profitable.

We love working on bringing people together to exchange ideas in conferences, webinars or trainings inspired people. But if there is an event format that gets our full enthusiasm this is: the study tour. Rarely have we seen people so happy as study tour participants after a day full of visits and new experiences in a sometimes-unknown culture, or after having discussions nothing short of enlightening with their fellow participants.

In our opinion, here are the key factors for the wonderful results:

  • Travelling opens the mind
  • It puts you outside your comfort zone just enough for you to use your mind in a different way, to unleash your creativity
  • You feel compelled to let your shield drop and be open to the new and to the change.
  • The experiences, the stimulating environments of the tours, the experts and your fellow participants have a transformational impact on all people involved.
  • Last but not least, it is a lot of fun 😊

After a tour people said they experienced the steepest learning curve ever and at home they did implement many changes that were inspired by the discussions during the tour.

What does this mean for our media world?

More than ever, the media must accelerate their projects and mature their strategic thinking much faster. So there’s nothing like a study trip to meet colleagues from all over the world, in order to get inspired, reinforce or reconsider their choices.

The study tours provide publishers with exclusive first-hand information to better understand the inevitable transformation of organisations, products and skills.

What is our “Best of Local” May 2022 Tour about?

It is a tailor-made tour through German regional Media houses in Frankfurt, Cologne and Düsseldorf. We are grateful to have hosts like FAZ, DuMont, Rheinische Post Me, Funke, Google, Telekom etc. For two intense days are focussing our discussion on the topics of:

  • digital subscriptions and growth hacking,
  • new digital products like podcast and others
  • and data.

To discover our program Best of Local, ask us!

Your satisfaction is our priority

Our previous study tour was two and a half years ago, when we accompanied executives and managers to Scandinavia to discover best practices in leading brands.

Your satisfaction is our priority, our experience in organizing study tours is recognized by many professionals, here are some testimonials from participants in previous tours:

“Absolutely exceptional – gained so much insight. Really glad to have invested in this experience.”

Nathalie Alvaray – Local Digital News, Editorial Manager, Univision Communications, USA

“I was thrilled about the study tour programme that indeed delivered very revealing experiences. The tour was well organised and we were closely exposed to industry realities. Furthermore we had the opportunity to meet inspiring people within the group and take away good ideas from the host companies. Thanks to Ioana and her team.”

Alex Galea – Chief Operating Officer at Allied Group of Companies, Publishers of Times of Malta, malta

We develop study tours in Europe and around the world:

  • Tailor-made study tours. How do we do this? We listen carefully to your needs and in return we propose meetings with experienced practitioners within various groups who are leaders in their market.
  • Open Study Tours thematic study tours in which you can participate alone or with 2 or even 3 of your colleagues and quickly enrich your experiences.

We are planning a new study tour in 2022, the program will be announced soon.

Do not hesitate to contact David for more information and we will carefully consider your needs.

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