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New World Encounters supports freedom of the press

Offers free access to virtual study tour of German publishers to media under threat

Media companies everywhere are facing the twin challenges of reduced advertising revenues and the complex transformation to digital platforms. In many countries, these challenges are increased by a lack of press freedom and fragile media economies.

Without forgetting, of course, the Covid crisis, which has joined an already long list of pitfalls.

New World Encounters is a dynamic and professional exchange across borders and industries about innovation and transformation. The first project is a virtual tour of German media companies. New World Encounters is offering free access to media working in difficult environments, in an effort to share the experiences and good practices of successful publishing houses more widely, to help strengthen independent media as a foundation of democratic society.

“Media in many countries lack the resources to acquire the right technologies, acquire the right skills or even update their knowledge of best practices,” said David Sallinen, founder of UpGrade Media. “Consequently, the quest for new income, linked to digital technology and the obligation to find new revenue streams, remains largely out of reach.”

Ioana Straeter, managing partner of QuestiQ, said: “A healthy news media sector is essential to the proper functioning of democracy, and strengthening their business practices is essential if they are to carry out their indispensible role. That’s why we must support them. A dollar of profit is a dollar of independence.”

Free access to the online event, which will present 15 speakers and discussions over three weeks from media houses in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, has already been offered to members of the Ukrainian Media Business Association and FAAPA, the Atlantic Federation of African News Agencies. Media interested in taking advantage of the offer and joining the event, which begins on 17 September, should contact Sonia Gonzalez –

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