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New formula and digital trans­formation at ESH Médias

ESH Médias is a Swiss local media group that publishes three titles in three cantons. In 2018, accompanied in this process by David Sallinen and Grégory Leduc, the group decided to harmonise its layouts. The objective: to facilitate the sharing of pages between the different brands and, above all, to introduce compatible formats in a digital-first logic.

  • Supporting the digital transformation of a group
  • Unite around this project by creating a collective

A new format is always a unique moment in the life of a newspaper. For ESH Médias, this project marked an acceleration of the digital transformation and reinvention of three newspapers: La Côte (Vaud), Arc Info (Neuchâtel) and Le Nouvelliste (Valais). With multiple challenges: 

  • the design of a common layout for three titles, each with its own history, identity and tone, in order to facilitate the sharing of content pages and their realisations;
  • the creation of innovative and more engaging formats to better promote content, local personalities, local debate, and high value-added topics;
  • the launch of a new press brand: “Arc Info“, which merged L’Impartial and L’Express;
  • Finally, the search for compatibility between web and print formats, a fundamental element of the project, which should help the changeover from an editorial staff working primarily on Millenium to one working primarily in a CMS.

These missions were carried out at full speed to meet a tight schedule. La clé du succès ? Amener les rédactions en chef des trois titres à élaborer les nouvelles intentions éditoriales ensemble. This made it easier for all the projects to work together to develop a single formula, while preserving the local characteristics of each medium.

A successful transformation for ESH Médias, which was accompanied by Grégory Leduc, Editorial Designer, and David Sallinen. “Grégory Leduc was able to give substance to the new ambitions by creating a modern formula that is primarily compatible with digital,” explains David Sallinen. “For my part, I made sure to give impetus to the projects and to create a collective to carry the expected innovations.”

Following this first collaboration, Grégory and David decided to combine their skills at the service of press publishers within Upgrade Media… and the new formulas followed one another!

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