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Meet Juan Señor, media innovation expert

For Juan Señor, “every successful paywall strategy begins and ends in the newsroom.” Check out our two-part interview with a must-read expert.

Not all content is worth paying for… Have you developed that certainty and skill in your media to identify and promote it?

Indeed, as Juan Señor likes to say: “At the heart of it all, it’s really about generating content that’s worth paying for, and organising the product around the content that triggers a subscription. We know what triggers traffic, what creates volume, and the old paradigm of the information industry was to generate traffic, traffic, traffic. But the hardest question for our editorial team to answer and focus on is what content triggers a subscription?

Read the full interview with Juan Señor, president of INNOVATION Media Consulting.

Producing the content worth paying for [Part 1]

Reimagining the newsroom, making the magic happen [Part 2]

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