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Le Télégramme: between new formula and innovative formats

In the age of digital technology, it is crucial to modernise its print formula in order to remain relevant and in tune with the expectations of its audience. Le Télégramme has understood this! After several months of work, the new format of the Breton daily was launched in November 2019. An exciting challenge for a media that has innovation at its core.

  • Introduction of new content dynamics
  • Production of an Editorial Guide

Le Télégramme is used to changing its print format on a regular basis: switch to a tabloid format in 2002; introduction of new layouts in 2008 and 2014… But this time, the ambition was to go even further!

We are now in 2019. The objective? To give substance to the development strategy led by Samuel Petit, editor-in-chief, in order to better satisfy subscribers, but also to win over new readers.

Committed to the digital-first logic, the new formula was an opportunity to introduce new formats. More segmented formats, in particular, and therefore perfectly compatible with mobile reading.

From then on, more than just a “new formula”, it was an ambitious editorial project that had to be developed, based on eight pillars detailed in an Editorial Guide. The latter was intended to formalise the new intentions through more than 20 innovative formats and to explain how to use them wisely in a digital-first logic, from the alert to in-depth treatments. Renovation of the print formula, introduction of digital-first content dynamics, promotion of content on social networks, production of this Editorial Guide to learn how to use them… A busy programme! But, as Samuel Petit likes to repeat: “You have to reinvent yourself all the time. The one who decides is the reader!”.

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