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Jean-Marc de Jonghe, Vice President Strategy & Digital Products, La Presse – Watch Full Video Interview

“Building new product is expensive and building the wrong things is even more expensive”. That’s the working philosophy of Jean-Marc de Jonghe, a noted proponent of the ‘agile’ approach to innovation. Thanks to his 35 years’ experience at the meeting point of technology and media Jean-Marc has had ample experience in new digital models and methodologies. Which makes him ideally placed to talk about solutions that truly meet the expectations of users. After its tablet version the success of La Presse on mobile has proven that it is indeed possible to attract a new audience in an ever more competitive marketplace. Doing that requires vision, agile methodology, and the agile team to go with it. He explains how.

8 questions to get to know Jean-Marc better: his background, his missions, his convictions and his vision of the media and more!

  1. Background and activities in his position as I would like to know more about your background and your activities in your position as Vice President Strategy & Digital Products at La Presse
  2. What or who helped you most to become an innovator?
  3. What is your definition of agile? Why is the agile mode so indispensable to the changing media?
  4. What are the mistakes not to be made in the development of new products?
  5. What is product management? How is product management different for media?
  6. What is the product you developed you are the most proud of?
  7. Building new products is expensive and building the wrong things is even more expensive. How do you ensure that you arrive at desirable, feasible and viable solutions quickly and economically?
  8. How do you envision the future of news media?
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