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Interview with George Brock in 7 videos

Interview video with George Brock, journalist, author, media expert by Ioana Straeter

Question 1. You have a very long “love story” with journalism. Would you like to tell us where does your love for news media come from?

Question 2. News business and journalism are highly disrupted by the digital world. Where do you see the highest threats?

Question 3. Where do you see opportunities for news media in our digital economy?

Question 4. Nowadays we see many corporates that become themselves publishers or media houses. What does this mean for news media?

Question 5. Talking about fake news, which are huge problem in our industry: what advice do you have for journalist to avoid the trap of fake news?

Question 6. What do Silicon Valley tech companies have that news media companies do not have?

Question 7. How do you envision the future of news media?

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