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How to play Silicon Valley at its own game

With developments in Australia having turned to drama, and the relationships between Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the press being radically redefined, it is tempting to see technology and media as two opposing combatants; conflicting, competing, and locked in a boxers’ clinch. It is becoming clear, however, that the relationship between technology giants and the media does not have to be a zero sum game where only one side can win.

What our experts point out is that amidst the inevitability of change, one of the best strategies is to cherry pick from the strengths of Silicon Valley and adopt and adapt those strategies to the benefit of the press. 

Edward Roussel, the Chief Innovation Officer at the Wall Street Journal (New York), and Frederic Filloux, Creator of & Editor at Monday Note (Paris) come together in our latest New World Encounter to discuss key issues, including precisely what we can learn from the successes of Silicon Valley, and how media organizations can establish an innovation mindset to profit from new developments.

The premise of the encounter is that long-term sustainability can only be achieved if media organisations transform and become adaptive, responding to change by embracing it and extracting the benefits. 

Aided by moderator Ioana Staeter, Co-founder of NWE and George Brock, professor of journalism at City University, London, these acknowledged titans of tech in media will examine the possibilities afforded by change and what an innovative mindset looks like in the day-to-day reality of your newsroom.

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