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Berlin, we’re coming! Episode 1 with Arnd Stessun, Welt+

Arnd Stessun presents his favourite places in Berlin and fights preconceived ideas about German people.

Arnd Stessun, Head of Product Management WELTplus, SPRING Axel

Arnd Stessun will speak on the September 24, 2020.

1 – Which is your favourite place in Berlin?

My home. But in the 2nd Place there would be the “Bar 25”. Some party people from the former famous “Bar 25”, who now have families, built a kind of village, a really relaxed place a the spree river, where you can eat, talk and have a real enjoyable time.

summer in berlin at bar 25
Photo by Timo Pawelz
old bar 25
Photo by Jason Black
Bar 25, Berlín
Photo by Guilem Martinez

2 – Which is your most original building in Berlin?

For me it`s the Berliner Fernsehturm – the berlin TV Tower. The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz is Berlin’s most prominent landmark and the tallest building in Germany. Its steel sphere contains a visitor platform and a revolving restaurant.

3 – What is the meal or pastry not to be missed in Berlin?

The Berliner Currywurst. At the Konopkes Imbiss under the railwaystation in the Eberswalder Straße

Berliner Currywurst
Photo by Martin Jrgs

4 – What is the restaurant we should not miss in Berlin?

Grill Royal – the best Meat and wine you can get

At the Grill Royal Restaurant — Berlin, Germany
Photo by Slava Shestopalov

5 – What are the 3 stereotypes about Germans that annoy you the most?

Especially in Berlin: here the german accuracy and precision: We are building an airport for now more than 14 years. It#s a shame. 

And: germans are not as cold and distant, as they are known for.

Join us to attend the presentation of Arnd Stessun:

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