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The promotion of content is vital for media that want to reach the new generations. That is why Upgrade Media supports and stimulates media and communication companies in their social media strategies.

Le Télégramme, La Voix du Nord, Le Messager, Revue Banque,… For all these media, whether regional, local or professional, it has become vital to master the codes and rules of publishing on social networks in order to achieve their objectives.

This is why Upgrade Media stimulates your teams to take ownership of broadcasting on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter by helping them master the new rules:

  • Establish the right editorial mix for your offer.
  • Choose the topics.
  • Find the real essential message.
  • Adopt punchy writing.
  • Highlight the information that matters.
  • Adopt charted posts.
  • Find the right publishing rhythm.
  • Find the right formats for effective storytelling (text, video, audio, etc.).
  • Think FaceCam and find the right tone.
  • Get people to react!
  • Establish a dialogue with your audience.
  • Pay attention to aesthetics.
  • Simple techniques to quickly develop your communities.
  • Monitor performance to correct the situation.
  • Announce the KPIs you are going to monitor.

To be successful, we will work with you on the processes, who does what, when and above all the careful preparation to make the publication smooth.

About Upgrade Media: Upgrade Media is a creative agency, strategy consultancy, training center and media transformation think tank, through its brand New World Encounters.

◾️ We work for media and communicating companies to accelerate their digital transformations, evolve their organizations, print and digital products, and also develop team agility.

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