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Upgrade Media supports press publishers in the production and development of their editorial products for the general, specialist and professional press.

From August 2021 to March 2022, the Upgrade Media team accompanied the leading press player in the banking and financial sector, La Revue Banque, which was undergoing a reorganisation.

Upgrade Media took charge of the editorial process to ensure the publication of the magazines, in consultation with the publisher and its secretary general. The mission consisted of leading anticipation meetings, determining the themes of the dossiers, the specialists to be called upon, and the content of the various sections in order to guarantee the quality of and compliance with the schedules of the print magazines and their digital versions.

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Conception et accompagnement éditorial : réseaux sociaux

In addition, as part of the digital transformation project decided by Revue Banque, Upgrade Media advised and trained the teams to introduce editorial innovations, facilitate the adoption of digital-first, social networks and redesign the newsletter.

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