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Upgrade Media Consulting Projects

Tribune de Lyon chooses Upgrade Media to support its digital transformation

In order to implement a new digital organisation and a renewed editorial offer, including a Premium offer, Tribune de Lyon, the Lyon-based weekly chose Upgrade Media to accelerate its projects.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

How to obtain financing to develop your newspaper company

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What our consulting clients say

“How do you convince people to pay for content? This is the question that the whole profession is asking. Not easy… And yet decisive. Through its media experience, its editorial and digital expertise, Upgrade Media provides valuable support, helps build a clear vision, and proposes a method for successful “conversion through content”. The approach is worked out together, and then it’s up to the editorial, marketing and digital teams to implement it. It’s a real work of co-construction, demanding, but exciting.”

Gabriel d’Harcourt
Executive Vice President, La Voix du Nord

“When reorganisation and digital transformation go hand in hand, they are two projects in one. It’s best to surround yourself with the right people to succeed. The strategy and objectives were clear in our minds, but there was still everything to do: pave the way and allocate the right resources within a tight timeframe, change the culture while preserving our identity, implement new tools, etc. In this context, Upgrade Media’s intervention was decisive. The first was to ensure the continuity of our publications during the transition period inherent in any reorganisation: Upgrade Media’s rapid understanding of our ecosystem and the issues at stake enabled it to identify the right skills and the right people to build trust and preserve the quality of our production. The second was to work with us to simplify our technical infrastructure, in fact to overhaul it, in order to effectively develop a digital offering: Upgrade Media’s discreet but effective presence enabled us to move forward methodically with our teams and service providers. With Upgrade Media, we were able to realise our ambition, implement a digital-first approach and move forward, for our readers… and future readers.”

Pierre Coustols
Secretary General of Revue Banque

“David helped us with a strategically important change project. He is committed, really fast and competent. I can only recommend him as sparring partner.”

Christoph Zimmer
Chief Product Officer and Member of the Management Board at Tamedia

“Thank you for an exciting study tour that was perfectly tailored to our needs. We came back full of ideas and answers to our questions.

Lionel Laparade
Rédacteur en chef – La Dépêche du Midi

“Thank you for this very successful study tour. A good mix between exchanges with these publishers with whom we share the same concerns and moments of conviviality between us opening up avenues of projects together to implement these successful examples of German publishers. A very successful tour!”

Michael Bourguignon
Managing Director – La Dépêche Interactive

“David has been invaluable in the reflection on the digital shift negotiated by my editorial team. His analytical mind, his ability to listen and his strength of synthesis enabled me to make progress in a gigantic task which requires enlightening, authorised points of view and contributions. David’s were brilliantly part of it.”

Thierry Dupiereux
Editor-in-Chief (2009 – 2018) – Les Editions de l’Avenir

“We have been working with Upgrade Media since the monetisation of content on our 5 news websites. It was the experience that convinced us at the start and we continue to do so every year because Upgrade Media supports our journalists with easy-to-implement solutions and concrete cases. David is always ready to listen and available for the staff and not only for the journalists. I appreciate the strength of his proposals and his ability to question ourselves in order to work together towards the best strategy for monetising content.

Fanny de Larue
Deputy Director General – Groupe Le Messager

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