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COMYAN supports the New World Encounters Product Development Series

We are very pleased to welcome Comyan as a sponsor to Staying Ahead of the Game with outstanding product development.

Peter Resele – Owner and Managing Director

COMYAN – Simply the best way to integrate your existing and future systems
You are all familiar with media asset management systems that allow you to manage digital content, and you are of course familiar with e-papers that allow you to read digital editions of newspapers.

COMYAN is both: you upload your digital pages and articles to our cloud, we create a beautiful e-paper from it for all devices, and at the same time your publication is archived for the long term. You have already got several different content production systems – print, online, magazines, epaper. Make them work together in a seamless content infrastructure – no matter what system vendors, no matter what channel. Exchange texts, articles, images, and video in real time, in the best possible format.

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