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Cheering for the little guy (and gal, natch)

Seems the Google/Facebook argument goes on with some sages warning darkly of further tech titan domination, Google claiming it’s committed to being part of the solution,” and the UK government creating a watchdog to ensure Google and Facebook don’t exploit their dominant positions (anyone else hear the sound of a stable door here?). Less headline worthy but for some of us more eye-catching is the activity from the opposite end of the size spectrum. Like the growth of Substack and other newsletters,  and the small but perfectly-formed Tiny project to launch 500 community news organisations in just three years.

Clearly there is no one-size-fits-all model and the news world is all the better for it. 

For a more detailed examination of news trends, tech titans, and adapting to a fast morphing mediascape tune it to the NWE webinar on transformation, Tuesday 20th of April.

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