Call to all publishers: Google launches a new call for innovative projects up to 150 000€

Google is relaunching its call for projects “GNI Innovation Challenge”, for European media. This program to support digital innovation allows French publishers to present and fund projects, up to 150 000€. The deadline for applications is May 31!

The GNI Innovation Challenge is open to all types of European media, as well as freelance journalists and individual entrepreneurs, who produce original journalism, and whose project aims to create a more sustainable and diverse information ecosystem.

Please note that this time, the call for projects is mainly addressed to small and medium-sized publishers, with a staff of up to 50 journalists (or a little more).

The challenge accepts all projects, but indicates the preferred themes:

  • Reader engagement/reader-related revenue
  • Diversification
  • New distribution methods
  • Combating misinformation
  • Restoring trust in the media
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Improving work processes
  • Explore new technologies

Selected projects may be funded by Google for up to 70% of the budget, with the publisher paying the remaining 30%. Projects must include metrics to measure their impact, and certain types of projects are not eligible.

A GNI Innovation Challenge application consists of a good project idea, a form to fill out, a presentation to prepare, impact measurement indicators, a detailed budget, and many other small details that may make the difference.

If you have a project idea, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you! At Upgrade Media, we have an experienced GNI Challenge application specialist on staff who can guide and support you through every step of the application process, so you have every chance to succeed!

Contact us!

Ioana Straeter

Chief Strategy Officer

Upgrade Media

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