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Focus #5. By 2025, the distribution of German newspapers will no longer be economically viable in 40% of municipalities

A study reveals the threat to national newspaper distribution as the digital transformation is in full swing in Germany.

This is the conclusion reached by SCHICKLER in an analysis on the location of newspaper delivery in Germany, commissioned by the BDZV Association for Newspapers and Digital Media. The main reason for this is the sharp increase in costs for the early delivery of newspapers by subscription and the simultaneous decrease in quantities.

As a result, the costs for the delivery of a single copy of a daily newspaper are increasing massively. From 2014 to 2020, the average unit cost per daily newspaper delivered in Germany has risen from €0.27 to €0.45. By 2025, these costs will rise by a further 56%, placing a disproportionate burden on publishing houses.

You can find the complete study, as well as a summary presentation, at

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