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Berlin, we’re coming! Episode 2 with Max Franke, Media Pioneer

Max Franke presents his favourite places in Berlin and fights preconceived ideas about German people.

Max Franke, COO, Media Pioneer

Max Franke will speak on the September 24, 2020.

1 – Which is your favourite place in Berlin? 

My favorite place in Berlin is the Grunewald forest, located in the very west of Berlin and close to Wannsee (a beautiful lake). It’s the perfect spot for a weekend hike or a bicycle tour.

Schlachtensee, Berlin
Photo by
Spring Forest Berlin, Germany
Photo by

2 – Which is your most original building in Berlin?

I’d say the Brandenburg Gate – I think it’s one of those buildings most people associate with Berlin and it played a very important role for the city throughout the 20th century.

concrete arch under blue sky
Photo by Johannes Plenio
people near brown building during nighttime with lights
Photo by Elijah G

3 – What is the meal or pastry not to be missed in Berlin? 

Döner Kebab. My favorite place is Rüyam Gemüse Kebab on Hauptstrasse in Schöneberg.

4 – What is the restaurant we should not miss in Berlin?

Osteria Ribaltone, my favorite Italian restaurant at the beautiful Viktoria-Luise-Platz, also in Schöneberg. Just make sure to have a reservation and keep in mind it is cash only.

5 – What are the 3 stereotypes about Germans that annoy you the most? 

To be honest, I do not get that annoyed by stereotypes. Sure, quite often there’s some truth to them. I don’t eat Sauerkraut all day though.

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