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12 strong quotes to discover the richness of New World Encounters Report

Discover a small selection of strong quotes from our speakers to get a glimpse of the breadth of topics and ideas covered in our Synthesis Report and 9 hours of videos.

Day 1 – Digital Subscription in the Pandemic Age

“Covid has provoked some of the most clicked content on the site, and the big question remained are we able to translate reach into trial subscriptions and paying customers, can we get people into the funnel?”

Christian Röpke, Chief Digital Officer ZEIT-Group

“Concentrate on your engagement but also find the other factors that are relevant.”

Sascha Bossen, Product Management, Paid Content Zeit Online

Day 2 – The Spectacular Growth and Digital Acceleration Story Funke and Hamburg Abendblatt

“After six months the conversion rate from newsletters was 4 to 6 percent that turned into paying subscribers.”

Dr. Ruth Betz, Director Digital Transformation, Funke Media Group

“We learned that good reliable journalism is worth something to people.”

Berndt Röttger, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Hamburger Abendblatt, Funke Media Group.

Day 3 – Content Performance & Monetising Quality Journalism

Content Score. “This started a competition between the editors because every editor wanted to have maximum points – 30 out of 30 – and that’s how we developed content” 

Arnd Stessun, Head of WELTplus

“We call our mission ‘celebrating the opinions of others’, and we want to cultivate and exchange with our readers.” 

Max Franke, COO, Media Pioneer

Day 4 – Programmatic Advertising and Business Partnerships

“92% of publishers want cross-functional teams by 2023 but so far only a third have implemented this.”

Holger Kansky, Head of Digital, BDZV, German Newspaper Association

“Nobody in our industry can claim that they have the business model for quality digital journalism”

Romanus Otte, Chief Editor and Managing Director, Business Insider Deutschland

Day 5 – Winning at the Innovation Game

“The end goal is to convert five per cent of the total reach to digital subscription.”

Dr. Daniel Daum, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Rheinische Post Mediengruppe Gerant ProServ GmbH & Co. KG

“When you talk about digital transformation you talk a lot about technology and data but one thing that needs to be addressed in a newsroom is how do you produce the content that works, the content that brings people to subscribe.”

Moritz Döbler, Editor-in-Chief Rheinische Post

Day 6 – How to Reach almost 50,000 Newsletter Subscribers & Rapid Digital Transformation in 6 Months

“We built an interdisciplinary team across the editorial department, product department, and marketing and subscriptions”

André Kittelberger, Head of Paid Content

“The newsletter project increased newsletter subscribers by 4222 per cent in 14 months”

Björn Friebe, Digital Transformation Manager


Jason Stobbard

“…Absolutely fantastic work, many thanks for the perfect collaboration so far, very much appreciated!…

Arnaud Broustet

“Exciting meeting with DIE ZEIT organised by New World Encounters as part of its Virtual Tour Digital Revenues. Interesting feedback from Die Zeit on the engagement and retention of digital subscribers. A programme of very stimulating meetings between colleagues.

Bruno Pachent

“Perfectly prepared interventions by our German colleagues from Funke Media Group and very concrete take aways to feed our digital projects!

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