Digital Encounters Across Borders

For all those tired by boring webinars but thirsty to learn :
We would like to take you on an engaging media innovation virtual tour. In this virtual tour you will meet German digital media industry leaders and learn about newest success stories in the area of digital revenue growth without having to travel.

We will take you behind the scenes of exceptionally successful media houses in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. We will learn together the secret formula for their success and how they combine the right business strategy with the adequate technology in an excellent operating model with the right execution path. And they do all this in the fast lane: fast change is essential for success and for achieving the competitive advantage.

Nowadays many media houses are facing the questions of how-to better deal with the current burning issues like the following: surviving the pandemic, compensating the lost advertising revenues by growing digital revenues, gaining subscribers, reducing churn, creating and implementing new editorial strategies, training new skills and introducing new tools to develop revenues, by implementing new ways to manage content, new marketing strategies and data analysis, etc.

There is no standard answer. Nevertheless, while we believe that every media house has to find its very own success formula – formula based primarily on the company’s own culture and it’s particular market opportunities, we are also convinced that an open exchange with peers who have previously taken the same transformation journey will be inspiring and ultimately profitable.

Just like a real-life tour meeting, each of our six virtual 90 minute meetings will consists of introductory presentations, followed by discussions. Each session has a specific topic: digital acceleration, audience engagement strategies, newsletter strategies and subscription strategies etc


  • Strategies for growing digital revenues: from paid content, digital subscriptions, diversification, e-commerce, advertising to creating new products and attracting new customers
  • Investing in quality journalism and technology as driver for growth
  • How to choose and adapt new technologies and the right new way for working with data, analytics, dashboards
  • Rethinking and adapting operations and services for operational excellence: how to reorganize teams, what new skills and talent is needed for business growth
  • How to build a culture of innovation and agile mindset